Monterey Homeless Issue

City of Monterey and the people of Monterey, please pay attention to this.

What kind of people are we? What kind of example do we want to set for the leaders to come? Are we going to sit on an evergrowing issue? Are we going to put our own selfish lives before the lives we see fading away on our streets every day? Is this the examples we are trying to display of quality leadership for the good of the people?

Let’s dwell on the subject of the image of Monterey. We are a tourist ran city. Our city revenue comes from taxes on fishing, boats, and the income of local restaurants and businesses. So lets just use some LOGIC. People coming from China, UK, and the east coast DO NOT want to see homeless people while on their vacation! They leave a place FILLED with people and homeless people as well. Usually a lot more per capita than we have. What we have to do is put our worries away, put our paranoia of lesser-class aside, and realize that we are all HUMAN BEINGS. We are here to help EACH OTHER, not ourselves. If we put half of the time and effort it takes to post a beautiful picture of the aquarium into finding real estate to put a homeless shelter in, we would have one in a month! If we keep thinking of what could happen, instead of what SHOULD happen, then nothing will ever get better! 

Another topic, same subject. Why, seriously, why, do you have to be so heartless that you can drive down the road, see a veteran on a corner in front of Del Monte Shopping Center, and not even think TWICE about HOW we could get them a job, or get them the healthcare they need! We have raised the living wage so high in this area that people that were born and raised in Monterey and Carmel can’t even live in the town they grew up in! So now we have a substantial amount of people that live here that could care less about the people that created this beautiful city!

Find some compassion people, and make decision that are the best for EVERYONE, not just your street.

Just a Small Article of Thought

Have you every watched the news, and they bring up a problem in society, then they come up with solutions that lie within the boundaries of the party they represent? That is what is going on in our government. They argue and bicker over solutions that dont represent the views of Americans, but represent the party in which that politician is affiliated with. When someone comes up with a logical SOLUTION, not band-aid, they shun away from the idea because they would lose the backing of their party and lobbiests. We are sheep being herded by the shepherds with whips, not canes. Listening to the orders of the wool manufacturers and the butchers. We put people on TV that are supposed to represent the best our country can offer, yet we make them tear each other apart with stabs at their past mistakes and dig into their integrity. None of this creates a positive environment for people to express their opinions and create the real change we need. We get our news from sources we have never heard or hear too much of, and believe what they say as the ultimate truth. The way a government can control its people, not physically, but psychologically, is through the media. So now the government can act not of the people, but for themselves, and only display what they want to on TV. In 2008, while everyone was idolizing the Kardashians, the government funded and supplied rebels in Syria that were fighting against the Syrian government. Those rebels just so happen to be the ones responsible for hundreds and thousands of innocent casualties in a WAR that the people can’t see. Not because they literally can’t see it, because they could if they wanted to. Our society is being pitted against each other while radical islamists are plotting to go to all out war with western nations. We’re more worried about who said what and who looks like who, than the threat staring at us right in the face. All the while not noticing that it’s our government that is causing it. All of this could be solved with logical solutions. Solutions that can please everybody instead of one party or the other. The government is creating policy based on political agenda, not by the opinion of the people they are supposed to represent. I have more i could say, but i’ll stop this here. If you would like to hear more or see what i think about topics on a daily basis, please follow me on twitter @bkelsey6692. Feel free to comment as you wish and retweet and share if you can! Let’s start using this amazing knowledge we have to make the WORLD a better place to live.